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THE VOTE: Martial Law extension: Yes, but produce clear, verifiable results

(Explanation of  Iligan City Rep. Frederick Siao’s vote for the third extension of martial law in Mindanao and suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus until 31 December 2019. Delivered at the Joint Session of Congress on 12 December 2018. Siao also voted YES to the first and second extension. He filed  House Resolution 2302 on November 14 urging President Duterte to extend martial law in Mindanao until June 30, 2019, citing “initial reports of terrorist plots and the need to secure the May 2019 elections”).

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Ninety-nine percent of my constituents in Iligan City are in favor of Martial Law extension in the entire Mindanao.

I ask the government to slash away security threats by at least 30 percent, decimate lawless groups in one year.

Walang forever na martial law in Mindanao. The Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police must produce at least 30 percent reduction in security threats so they can return Mindanao to the civilian PNP.

Those rebel groups, terrorists, lawless armed groups, and private armies must be wiped out this year. Hunt them down, every last one of them, so there will be no more need for martial law after this extension because after this, Congress would not be in the mood for another round of this.

Compelling political reasons for extension martial now are the plebiscite on the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region, the May 2019 elections, and the installation into office of the elected officials. Martial Law extension ensures order, safety and security of Mindanao for these political exercises.

Lastly, I am optimistic that this martial law extension shall result to lasting peace and prosperity in Mindanao.

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