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SONG: Alay sa mga Frontliners

Manggagamot pawiin ang sakit
ng bayang nagdurusa
sa salot , walang patid

Buhay ng tao ngayo’y
Isang kisap mata’y tapos na
Buhay ng tao nasa panganib
isang kisap mata’y tapos na

Manggagamot lunasan ang sakit
Ibuhos ang talino
sa siyensyang hatid

Sa kamay mo haplos ng pag asa
Papawi ng lumbay
Sa tenga mo diringgin ang buhay
Papawi ng lumbay

Manggagamot tapusin ang sakit
lipunang tigang
sa malasakit

Buhay man ang iaalay
makita ka lang mabuhay
Buhay man ang iaalay
makita ka lang mabuhay…


Song for the Frontliners

 Healers banish the pain
 of our agonizing people
 from this unrelenting plague 

 People’s lives are being extinguished
In just a blink of an eye it ends
People’s lives are in danger
Just a blink of an eye it ends) 

Healers may you find cure to this disease
Pour out your knowledge
of what science brings 

In your hands caress the hope
which relieves the sorrows
in your ears hear the flow of life
that relieves the sorrow 

Healers end this sickness
of this society that is barren
of compassion 

You who offer your life for others
just to see them live
should you offer your life for others
just to see them live  

(Dr. Agerico “Gerry” Miclat is a native of Davao city and the youngest child of Augusto Miclat, Sr. and Agrinelda N. Miclat. He is now a surgeon based in Australia. He was a musician active in the cultural scene during the Marcos dictatorship and starred as the lead actor of Juan Tamban in its Davao run)



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