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TAUSUG IN DOHA: Qatar’s OFWs promote health and friendship by cycling

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DOHA, Qatar (MindaNews / 16 November) — Cycling has now become a common hobby of many foreign workers including Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Qatar to stay fit and healthy, especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening.

There are also people whose homes are right next to the workplace using bicycles for transportation when they go to work.

There are many groups of OFW cyclists in Qatar that whenever they are free or off from duty, they take a ride as a group in many places across Qatar.

One of the OFW cycling groups here in Qatar is the Gagandilan Bikers. Most of the members of this group are OFWs from ZamBaSulTa (Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-tawi). As a group, they go biking to many places here in Qatar.

The group takes advantage of this opportunity not only as a hobby for exercise or sports to keep them healthy in all aspects, but above all as a platform to strengthen camaraderie among members.

“One of my reasons for cycling is to promote a healthy lifestyle,” says Johani Adonis Jawadil, one of the active members of Gagandilan Bikers. He is also one of the toughest OFW frontliners against COVID-19.

“Even though we are in the group, we still strictly adhere to health protocols such as avoiding handshaking and maintaining social distancing, among other things. Also, each member has his own bicycle,” Johani added.

The Government of Qatar, as always, is very supportive when it comes to the welfare of its citizens and residents, especially when it promotes good health and well-being. Thus, they have built exclusive bike lanes on many of the country’s roads and parks because they offer greater safety, reduce accidents and injuries, and give complete convenience to every cyclist.

”It is completely safe to ride a bike here in Qatar. A cycle path can be accessed from the house to the starting point,” shares Morben Kalayakan Jinno, also one of the active members of Gagandilan Bikers.

Most recently, Qatar earned the Guinness World Records title as the world’s longest continuous cycle path. The path measures 32.869 km (20.4 miles) long and 7 meters (22.96 foot) wide. Source: The longest continuous cycle path in the world laid in Qatar

Last Friday, November 13, 2020, Gagandilan Bikers took an active part with cyclists of various nationalities in the Ooredoo Ride of Champions 2020. Ooredoo is Qatar’s largest telecommunication company. This event was great for the cycling community in Qatar.

Moreover, the prophet Mohammed, may Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon him, said that a strong believer is better than a weak believer. [Saheeh Muslim]

He was talking in terms of faith and character, but also indicating that physical strength, i.e. optimum health and fitness were desirable, providing God gave us the ways and means of attaining such strength.

A true believer in the Islamic faith recognizes the wonder of the human body and is thankful for the Creator. This gratitude is manifested through care and attention to maintain optimal health. Islam’s holistic approach to healthcare covers all aspects of mind, body and soul.

Indeed, a truly healthy person mixes food, nutrition and exercise with the remembrance of God and the intention of fulfilling all religious obligations.

(Mindanawon Abroad is MindaNews’ effort to link up with Mindanawons overseas who would like to share their experiences in their adopted countries. Gamson Jr Mawallil Quijano of Sulu is a registered Radiologic Technologist who works in Doha, Qatar)





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