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PANTAW A MAREG: Rain Do not Drop

mindaviews elin

‘Tis music to my ears
This heavy October downpour
At ten o’clock in the evening.
I can hear a tiny stream quickly forming
At the narrow water canal
A few inches from my room
Threatening to overflow.

How swiftly did the pitter-patter of raindrops
Become heavy rain!
On Netflix, I watch Bung Karno slowly and carefully
Shore up his compatriots’ spirit towards Indonesian independence.
A rivulet of dissatisfaction turned into
A rushing river of yearning for freedom
From colonialists.

While I enjoy the sound of both raindrops and the burbling waterway
A few miles from me,  Internally displaced women,  mothers and children
Battle the rain battering their recycled trapal
Jetting straight inside their makeshift home.

Soon paeans will be sung
It is three years after the so-called liberation.
Somewhere near, homeless families
Pray for the rain to stop.

(MindaNews is the opinion section of MindaNews. Elin Anisha Guro is the OIC Director of the University Library of the Mindanao State University’s main campus in Marawi City)


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