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COMMENTARY: Why I’m Voting Duterte

QUEZON CITY (MindaNews / 08 May) — Physical-Sensory dimension: Nakita ko ang pagaayos ng Dabaw, natira ako roon nang matagal. Magaling siyang Mayor, marunong mag-delegate at kaya ring mag micro-manage pag kailangan. May COMMAND PRESENCE siya, This is a rare quality. I believe he will use this for our benefit. Kung iba ang manalo gawin niyo siyang enforcer.

Psychological-Historical dimension: Federalism — Siya ang kandidatong nagpakita ng pagpapahalaga sa kasaysayan at kultura. Kapag ang paraan ng pamamahala ay papalapit sa natural na hugis ng pinamamahalaan, mas madali, less costly, PROBABLY more effective: Federalism is at least a step closer to politics-according-to-Nature. Kung may nakawan, mas-maliit ang mananakaw, at mas madaling mabuking ang magnanakaw dahil kapitbahay mo lang siya!

Inclusion — Ayon sa isang integrative philosopher, si Ken Wilber, evolution – ang patuloy na pag-angat – is to TRANSCEND AND INCLUDE. Ito yung nakita ko sa attitude niya sa mga taong nasa gilid ng pambansang kamalayan. Hindi bribery na dole-out, hindi rin “kawawa naman kayo” na lalong nakalulumpo.

Empathy — He is an empath – that’s why he is an expert at “pushing buttons”. He enjoys pushing buttons of the “disente” and he does it with the “galing sa ilalim” humor of underdog culture. Much of our collective sense of humor comes from this ragging of the top dog (spoofs, parodies, impersonators, jester-type characters with acidic put-downs).

Bastos — Unfortunately for the truly-decent (hindi naman kayo ang minumura niya), big criminals are mostly “disente” – that’s why they are so successful and invisible. I understand his big mouth because I have one too, and it’s gotten me into many an awkward situation. But campaigns are THEATER and in theater, when you make a mistake, make it BIG. And, if that’s what you REALLY ARE, then you need spend little energy on PR. I’ve heard him called an asshole and he can be one if he thinks he can get a laugh out of acting the part. Joker kaayo, class clown. Give me an honest asshole that functions properly anytime!

Eating the frog — His twisted sense of humor is part of what allows him to do distasteful things. He’s willing to take out the garbage. Let him and help him! Kung sino man ang manalo, let Digong do what he says he will do!

Mythological-Symbolic dimension: He appeals to the private person’s Bayaning Mandirigma spirit, something that has been tamed and harnessed by both government and non-government arms-bearing groups. This archetypal Warrior energy is just waiting to be re-awakened in favor of a Nation of People, not necessarily of any legal or ideological tribe. Di naman niya puputulin yung magandang nagawa na, di tulad ng mga trapo na naninira ng programa dahil lang sa hindi sila ang nagpasimuno. Ok lang nga sa kanyang mangopya sa maayos na suggestion ng ibang kampo.

Unitive/Spiritual dimension: His raw spirituality is refreshing, it cuts-through-political correctness and institutional constipation. He has come to terms with himself. Like a shaman he has already undergone many deaths and this gives him great personal power. He’s no saint but the levity and irreverence with which he approaches taboo subjects in public speaks to me of a confident, optimistic being. His followers sense this, and it brings them together – it even inspires some to try unite against him, thus giving him even greater credibility!

For better or worse his presidency will AT LEAST be more entertaining and less predictable than the straight line, business-as-usual, keeping up with the Joneses trajectory of media-whipped, Philippine patronage politics. People Power Potential is at its peak when unpredictability reigns. Stability is only a sign that the powerful are snug as bugs in a rug.

Maybe we’ll even get to finally adopt a non-colonial name.

Good Luck! [Multiawarded singer-songwriter Joey Ayala obtained his AB Economics degree from the Ateneo de Davao University in 1979. He moved back to Manila in the early 1990s with his band, Bagong Lumad. Ayala is former vice-chair of the Committee for Music of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), representing Bagong Lumad Artists Foundation, Inc. (BLAFI).]

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