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Appeal for Solidarity from the Iligan Survivors’ Movement (ISM) on its Dialogue with the Iligan City Local Government Unit and Line Agencies

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4 November 2012

It is almost one year since typhoon Washi/Sendong hit Northern Mindanao and some Visayas cities in the Philippines. It was a tragic year ender for the year 2011.

The typhoon left with thousands of deaths and around 28 thousand families displaced particularly in Iligan City and hundreds also remain missing. Today the victims/survivors remain uncertain with their future and the more the delays of their resettlement and responses to their concrete demands the more they are deprived of living humanely.

In this line, Iligan Survivors’ Movement will hold a dialogue with the local government unit and line agencies pertaining to their issues and immediate needs on the 7th of November, 2012 at Iligan City Hall. Iligan Survivors’ Movement is a collective and or federation of Sendong Survivors from 15 transitory bunk houses, 5 relocation sites and around 22 home-based chapters.

The dialogue aims to:

1. Present Concrete documented issues in the respective areas of the Survivors to the City Government and line agencies;

2. Receive concrete feedback and result from the City government and line agencies;

3. Strengthen Solidarity among Survivors and share issues among them and collectively push for solutions;

4. Bring to the General Public the real situation of the Survivors after 10 months since the typhoon;

5. Gather Solidarity and Support from non-Sendong affected communities, Civil Society Groups, Media Institutions, NGOs, Human Rights Groups, and others;

Any means of support and solidarity is very much welcomed and we will keep you updated on our efforts.

We have to claim now what should be ours, for our rights is our future!


(SGD)Achmad Musa
Iligan Survivors’ Movement
Federation President


Iligan Survivors’ Movement

Federation President

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