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KMU condemns busting of DCWD union

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This, as the recent statements of DCWD General Manager Engr. Rhodora Gamboa have maliciously accused Union members for instigating harassments and threats on her life.
“DCWD management has seemed to lose strategies in pinning down the Union as culprit to their unfounded allegations. After releasing the termination and suspension orders on 49 DCWD employees without due process, they are again employing dirty tactics in pursuance of their case,” KMU Southern Mindanao chair Romualdo Basilio said.
“This is clear union busting and the management could be made accountable under existing laws and standards set by the International Labor Organization,” added.
KMU also took note of the statement made by the Asian Human Rights Commission which urged Gloria-Macapagal Arroyo to intervene in the labor dispute between the management of the Davao City Water District and its employees.
“It is only proper that government intervention be made immediately in this case before the situation gets out of hand.  The Union has already brought-up the matter to the Civil Service Commission and to the City Council’s Committee on Labor to ask for legal remedies on the termination and suspension orders,” Basilio stressed.
“In so far as legal matters are concerned, the employees have complied with the necessary procedures to instigate fair and speedy deliberation of the case filed against them,” Basilio added.
“The management can not simply ignore the fact that DCWD is a public utility and any decision it makes in behalf of the company is open to government intervention especially in this case where public interest is at stake,” he continued.
“It is too much arrogance on the management’s side to challenge international labor laws and declarations and act as if they own the water district.  The creation of Unions are based on laws and labor rights and any activity it carries out for the protection of these rights is legitimate,” Basilio ended. (KMU)

For Reference: Romualdo Basilio, KMU-SMR chairperson, contact # 09068353670

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