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Life often appears
As a farce made real
By awkward dances
A glass of wine in hand

Inside this crannied wall
Where I tried but failed
The gloom to hold
The sunbird’s chirp
Drowns my sobs

My rage holds no power
Over the timeless
Cycles and rites of life

It could not
The magic of dawn subdue
Nor the dullness
Of sorrow’s colors slay

Yet each time
I scold the wind
It whispers back as a breeze

When I curse the waves
They crawl to the shore
My aching soles to cure

Still the world goes on
Whether I laugh or lament

The grains will ripen
A tribute to the tiller’s pain
A gift from earth sun and rain

Along ancient bends
The rivers will flow
And to the ocean’s
Eternal embrace they go

Redmoon, 14 October 2023

(Redmoon of Bukidnon likes to describe himself as a trying hard poet.)
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