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mindaviews batang mindanaw

Solid gray clouds
haunting the crowds
who are patiently waiting
for a lightsome greeting
from a wonderful creation
as a source of motivation

At an atmospheric interlude’s clamor
gallons of water begin to outpour
unsteadily down the pavement
flooding towards its fulfillment

There comes Roy G. Biv’s saying hi
clouds scattering over the blue sky
blameworthy of the turbulence
as the morning sun’s grand entrance
enveloping melancholy on those faces
in pursuit of exquisite aces

The sun rises even higher
until its warmth is even warmer
to feel beneath the foliage
and amongst mankind of any age

(Jhon Steven C. Espenido, 22, is from Surigao City. He is an AB English Language student at Surigao del Norte State University.)

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