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TAUSUG IN DOHA: Drugs Harām Mayta’ Subay Natu’ Tuud Pu’puun Tinggalan

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In akkal sin mānusiya’ 

Tuhan in nag anughara’

Ni’mat sangat landu’ halga’ 

Wājib yan maparihala’ 


Katān makakangi’ kaniya

Layui way pag isa-ruwa

In ahli mu pagpikila ra

Bat sila di’ mu ma anyaya 


Shabu iban sin panāiban

Makalassun yan sin pikilan   

Kabuhi’ way kasalāmatan

Sakit-silap in kananaman 


XTC, cocaine, cough syrup

Tantu makakangi’ utuk 

Düwman iyadlawan kiyukuuk

Misan kansiyu tumanduk 


Rugby, shabu, marijuana

In pikilan malimun lawa’ 

Piyagkugdan in maas bata’

Kawman landu’ nagkajuljana’


In arta’ sin mau-maas mu 

Magkalawa’ na kailu 

In ikaw tuyu’ mamaylu

Piyami muna tuwi’ shabu


Bang in pikilan mu kumangi’ na

Kaluwarga’ aturun kuntara 

In ikaw kanila humalli’ na

Awun waktu mabunu’ muna sila  


In kaybanan makapang lagut na

Tuktukun pangatud hās salaksa’

Pagsayu kakasi sa luggiya’ 

Andu’ in kabuhi’ naluppas na 


Awn da isab makapangusiba’ pa

In maas-langgung kalauwgan na  

Makadāhit ampa makasusa 

Sabab in pikilan nalassun na 


Bukun tuud langug in hāl ini 

Kumusug na in pag guni-guni 

Manakaw na arta sin pagkahi 

Bangman drugs in sila makapami


Misan sin maas piya-iintul 

Humukaw na misan mag iskul 

Pa maas nila manugarul 

Malawa’ in pag addat masūl


Giyaha’ jantung limummi’ in nyawa

Sambil Tuhan diya na nagkuntara

In saytan bagay luggiya’ niya na 

Halga’ pagka tau liyupa na 


Maka hansul sa landu’ pikilun

Pais namanhud wayna nanamun 

Mabut in buktun gali’ galiun

Sapantun ista’ sung pirituhun


Tau kawman kaymu hanggaun

Wayna pag tuwg marayaw ha düwm 

Bang in bāy mu sin pulis raid-dun 

In sila mamidpid damagun


Malayu’ nakaw pa kasanyangan

Gumun buta na in lalabayan

Ina’ ama’ mu ha kasusahan 

Di’ mu baha’ sila kaulungan??


Pagdayaw-baran langganaün 

In kunsūmun mu patigidlumun 

Hula’ kawman mu halubiluhun 

Malawa’ kaymu bulan bituun


In kamu DEALER, ayaw ABUSER

Sabab NIYU laksa’ in na pa JAIL

Hundung na kamu bat wayna USER 

Pa Tuhan kamu katān surrender


Bang awn sakit ha laum kawman 

Subay ra ubatan sin katān

Bang mag buta-bisu pasāran 

Ündag migtus katiluagan 


Bang kakasi awn na pasihati

In siya nag drugs na timagnai

Ūs-ūs kaw pa REHAB paubati 

Bat di’ na magsusun ha mahuli


In magpa ubat di’ ikaluman

Bukun tuud in yan kasipugan

Maraw pa masipug makaminsan

Ayaw na sin magsusun hawlihan


Subay lawagun in parsababan

Kusugan sambil duwaa pa Tuhan

Bangman dumayaw ra in pikilan

Mura-murahan hidul sin Tuhan 


In Āgama nagpatumtum

Baran ayaw jawlakaun

Ayaran iban lasahun 

Paangkatün parulihun 


Magām pag iskul in pyaruli

Bat way susunan ha mahuli 

Mangadji’ pa madras humāti

Itindug in pag ammal sāli


Uh taymanghurun ku mulliya

Pa akkal niyu parukuta

In kamu kaüwgan palmata

Sin Āgama Hula’ Bangsa ta

* * * *

Harām Drugs: Why It Must Be Eradicated and Shunned

English Translation By Warina Sushil A Jukuy 


The intellect of mankind 

is nurtured by The Lord God

A Gift so much priceless

Thus, it’s imperative to safeguard.


Everything that can ruin you

Avoid it don’t you think twice

Consider your beloved family 

Oppress them you must not.


Shabu and its kith and kind

All these will just poison your mind

Your life will be devoid of bliss

Mental delusions you will experience.


XTC, cocaine, cough syrup

Surely will blow your mind

Schizophrenic from dusk till dawn

You lock horns with anyone.


Rugby, shabu, marijuana

Engulfing your reason as if drowned

Hitting the young and old

In our community is chaos.


Wealth of your parents

Is now vanishing 

How adamantly you deny 

But Truth is you’ve spent it to buy shabu.


If your mind turns warped

Own family becomes foe to your sight

From them stay away you must

Time will come you’ll slay them in cold blood. 


Others go berserk hacking wild

Chopping what seems thousand serpents to their eyes

But ònce lucid only realizing it’s their beloved own blood

How tragic to waste their precious lives.


Others may even resort to rape

Their own elders and siblings violated

How terrifying and so appalling

Coz their darken minds deadly toxified.


Indeed, such matter is never a joke

Paranoia sets in, heightening 

Stealing others’ riches to that extent 

Just so drugs be bought for them to toke. 


Even if by parents not neglected

Desire for school has now waned

They’d rob their own parents 

At times their respect lost in defiance.


Heart rusty, soul tarnished

Even war against Allaah been declared

Accursed Satan now their true friend

Value of own humanity all forgotten.


How utterly devastating it is to think

Their skin numbed, could feel nothing 

Until own arms they’d slice feeling no pain

Like fish slit ready for frying. 


Local folks alarmed by you

Sleepless at night tossin and turnin

When cops suddenly raid your home 

Not you but them stricken shall tremble. 


How far you’ve distanced yourself from serenity

A tangled tight knot is your blind path ahead

Your mother and father both forlorn 

Don’t you even feel pity for them?


Your well-being by drugs is desecrated

Your tomorrow’s light obliterated 

Consumed, your homeland into turmoil reduced 

By the moon and stars you are eluded.


O you DEALER, don’t be ABUSER

You have thrown thousands to JAIL

Please stop so there’d be no more USER

To Allaah, you all must surrender.


If a disease exist in our land 

Together it must be healed by everyone 

If we were just to turn a blind eye 

It will permeate unchecked to afflict everyone.


If you perceive symptoms in your beloved manifesting 

It’s a warning into drugs he’s initiating

Rush him to REHAB for immediate treatment 

So you won’t regret at all in the end. 


It’s not embarrassing to seek a cure

Truly it can never be regarded as a shame 

It’s better to be humiliated just once

Than in the end to be mortified with regret more than once. 


The cause surely must be sought and found

To Our Lord our supplications let’s fortify

That may their minds be secured and sound

May this magnanimously be granted by Our Lord Allaah.


Islam has time and again reminded us

Sanctity of our body never to defile 

To safeguard it and to love 

To elevate it, and to cherish forevermore.


It’s prudent to prioritize your study

So ultimately no remorse comes your way

Go learn your Deen in the Madrasa

Establish righteous deeds consistently.


Oh my beloved noble brethren 

Do etch it deeply in your minds

You are likened to the most prized priceless gems

Of our Deen, our Homeland and our Nation.

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