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PEACETALK: If we do not Think and Act, our future generations will never taste the meaning of real freedom


(Speech delivered by Dr. Dalomabi Lao Bula on the commemoration of 50th anniversary of the Jabidah Massacre during the “Kalilintad sa Marawi: People’s Solidarity for Peace” on March 18, 2018 at Kilometer Zero in Marawi City.  

Assalamo alaikom warahmatollahi wabarakatoho.

Sa atin pong lahat, nawa’y nananatili pa rin ang matatag na pagasa at tiwala sa Allah(swt) na isang umaga gigising tayong maligaya at walang panganib sa ating mga kabahayan sa Ground Zero.

Ground Zero is the label given to us during the Marawi Siege, so let us not milden the word by using MAA (Most Affected Areas) instead.

We are gathered today for the 50th anniversary of the Jabidah Massacre and the 83rd of the Dansalan Declaration.

The Jabidah Massacre reminds us of the inhuman massacre of our brothers from Sulu and Tawi-tawi who were deceitfully invited to serve the country. They were assured of comfortable life and distinction that goes with service to country. However, they were accused of oppression and rebellion, thus these innocent Moros were mercilessly gunned down for their homeland that gave birth to the so-called Bangsamoro Identity.

The Dansalan Declaration was a message from the honorable Moro leaders to the U.S. government stating their refusal to become part of the Philippine Islands, because of marginalization, biases and prejudices by the so-called Filipino majority, who were molded by the Spaniards to be such, and all the more strengthened by the Americans, later.

Pagkatapos buwagin ng mga Puti ang ating Sultanate, they gave us the democratic form of government as their divide and rule strategy. The marginalization and prejudices handed by the Spaniards and the Americans to the Filipino majority shaped their mindset and, thus up to this very moment. we are their victims.

Today is NOT a celebration of happiness but a recollection of how our forefathers suffered for us and how we are still suffering up to this very moment.

Today, we have to internalize the fact that if we do not Think and Act, our future generations will never taste the meaning of real freedom.

The Marawi Seige is a manifestation of what I’m saying. The Bangsamoro has to unite as One people with one goal.

I am challenging the youth, YOU, the hope of the Bangsamoro, to become critical thinkers and not take aside the sufferings of our great grandparents who sacrificed their lives for us, for you to see the dawn of freedom.

I hope you will not sleep tonight without conscientisizing on what I just said. May Allah (swt) enlighten us all.

May I end my message with this poem.

Dalomabi Lao Bula

Inged ami a Ranaw,
A rangkamanis tihaya.
Tiyogaan a rogo,
O miyaona maginged.
Biyangon a kaisa-isa,
Piyagalad a kalilintad,
Piyakaigan sa rangkono,
Inoyag a agama.

Inged ami pililang,
Langkap ko pagilidan.
Inipagandisan o mona-mori,
Rawaten ko kapeginged,
Mbebeken a bansa.
Masosonor, lomilintad ko,
Arogay den so gawii.

Ranaw a rangkamanis,
Ino mangaday mamondas,
So morala da kasinagadi?
Na matago sa sumpitan,
So Pongampong a Ranaw?
Ba kahanda o Kadenan a
Miyatitayan o penggagasab?

Inged ami a Ranaw,
Sigadan o Meranaw,
So kiyandarasag ka.
Linikod o sesangkad sa kadato,
Piyakalebi so kadodoniya-i,
Gomaan o ridoay-mangarasi.
Sebar-pentang ka pasin.

Ina-o na Meranaw,
Likoden so kaoparik,
Sangoren so isa singanin,
Ko kaangkat ko tiyoba,
Go sabek ko kawyagoyag.
Mbalingan tano ko Kadenan,
A Makalimoon, Masalinggagaw.

Ranaw a rangkamanis,
Di ka den penggoraok,
Ka di tatap so ringasa,
Ko paninggalan a inged.
Somaleg bo so alongan,
Ko bolawangko a inged,
Na mamorawag so limo,
O Kadenan a Pepaar.

English Translation

Dalomabi Lao Bula 

Lanao our homeland,
Where blood was spilled,
By the ancient folks.
Built by pride,
Secured by peace,
Watered by love,
Nurtured by faith. 

Our beloved homeland,
Known far and wide,
Acclaimed by young and old.
Emulated in its way of life.
A stable homeland.
Happy and peaceful,
Through the years.

Enchanting Lanao,
Why did this happen,
The unexpected destruction?
That brought catastrophe,
Unto Lanao
Was it God’s Will that,
Paved way to tyrants? 

Lanao our homeland,
The Meranaws cried over
Your massive devastation.
Abandoned by those in power,
Who preferred worldly desires,
Accomplice of oppressive foes.
Be patiently firm a while. 

Oh people of the lake,
Turn your back from disunity.
Face the foremost goal,
Of freedom from calamity,
And struggle for survival.
Return to Allah(swt),
The Gracious, Most Merciful.  

Enchanting Lanao,
Stop shedding tears.
Anguish is not forever.
The sun will shine again,
In my beloved homeland.
Blessing will be showered,
By Allah(swt), The Almighty.

(MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. PeaceTalk is open to anyone who wishes to share his/her thoughts on what is happening in the country’s lone Islamic City. Dr. Dalomabi Lao Bula, 66, retired as Professor of Literature in the main campus of the Mindanao State University in Marawi City in 2014).


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