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Clearex is now in Mindanao, needs more distributors as commercial cleaning services is on the rise

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The coronavirus is still on top of mind for all of us right now. It’s affecting our business, communities, and day-to-day lives. In all public places and business establishments all surfaces, door handles, and equipment are now disinfected more often for safety. And with still restricted movements allowed these days commercial cleaning services are on the rise.

In fact, at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, professional cleaning services have been in higher demand than in previous years. That’s why the industrial cleaning services market is expected to continue to grow considerably until 2025 due to the ongoing ramifications of COVID-19. Office buildings, medical facilities and public-facing businesses all over the country have to rely on cleaning products to continuously disinfect their spaces.

And the good news:highly effective yet affordable cleaning products are readily available in the market today. CLEAREX products — dishwashing liquid soaps, fabric softener solutions, bleach, detergents and toilet bowl cleaners — comes from a wholly-owned Filipino company committed to providing top-quality cleaning products at a price that is affordable for the Filipinos.

CLEAREX provides a safer and cleaner environment for the public through its products that’s developed, manufactured and delivered directly to end-users to ensure quality and are cost-saver. Products are affordable and easily accessible through Clearex distributors nationwide. Clearex is further looking for business partners. Whether you’re starting a commercial cleaning service or simply sharing the products to your friends and loved ones, let’s give the gift of protection to every Filipino through Clearex. Become Clearex distributors now!

CLEAREX has finally landed in Mindanao and is looking for Cleaning Partners in the promised land! See if you qualify for City, Municipality and Community distributors in Mindanao. Please contact Ms. Arra at 0917-632-3315/ 09194595589 or message our fb at @Clearexchemicals.

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