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SC status quo decision on the RH Law affirms women’s continuing struggle for healthcare

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The SC status quo ante decision effectively suspending the implementation of the Reproductive Health Law affirms that the
struggle for women’s health continues.

Various dissenting opinions including Gabriela Women’s Party’s reservations as explained in our vote when the law hurdled
deliberations in the Lower House underscores the various criticisms raised on the RH Law.

Gabriela Women’s Party has long raised our objection to the Aquino-Akbayan backed population control agenda in the RH Law. The RH
Law’s population control framework effectively defeats its publicized intent to provide health services and unmasks the Aquino government’s
duplicity amid the privatization of government hospitals and health services.

The fight for women’s access to healthcare continues and we remain steadfast in pushing for pro-women, pro-poor and pro – health

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