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PASSION FOR MISSION: Statement of the Missionaries of Jesus to advance struggle for nation building and in support of Leni-Kiko

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MALITA, Davao Occidental (MindaNews / 27 March) –  Here is the statement of, the Missionaries of Jesus (MJ), “to advance the struggle for nation building and in support of Leni Robredo’s and Kiko Pangilinan’s candidacies.”

We, the Missionaries of Jesus (MJ), an institute of religious priests, brothers and lay missionaries in the Philippines and abroad, join our fellow Filipinos in their quest for a better life for our nation through an honest, just and effective governance through the coming May 9 elections. We are currently
working with the urban and rural poor, indigenous peoples and our Muslim sisters and brothers in Mindanao.


As a public servant, Leni Robredo has already demonstrated her concern for the poor. During her short stint as chairperson of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) she was able to provide “low-cost housing to 46,000 families and setting up a P1-billion worth of Urban Development Assistance Fund as incentive to local government units.”[1]

If elected, she vows to let the poorer sectors participate in crafting reforms to better their social situation.[2] She promises that her government shall “legislate laws that would eliminate or curb the rampant use and abuse the practice of labor contractualization”[3] and to bring “the minimum wage closer to a living wage for all types of workers.”[4] She has also made it known that she is committed to “end
extrajudicial killings, especially of trade unionists, social activists, and journalists, by thoroughly investigating all cases of killings and holding those responsible fully accountable and by establishing and strengthening mechanisms that would uphold freedom of association.”[5]

We are confident that Leni will not forget the plight and struggles of the indigenous peoples. She has vowed to them that, “… gaano man kakaunti kayo, gaano man kalayo kayo, sisiguraduhin po natin na ‘yung ating gobyerno ay inaalagaan kayo” (… even if you are a minority, no matter how far
you are, the government will take care of you).[6] She has also expressed commitment “to scrap the Duterte administration’s order allowing new mining agreements”[7] and to pass a law stipulating which areas in the country should be declared as no mining zones.[8]

The Philippine mining industry has always been a major cause of the displacement of Indigenous Peoples, destroying their homes and livelihood. Along with this is her assurance to promote sustainable development preserving the country’s ecological landscapes.

We join many Muslim groups and movements who believe that Leni would be able to sustain the gains of the peace process in Muslim Mindanao. They see in her a partner in the campaign for moral governance because of her consistency in her anti-corruption drive.[9] Leni has affirmed that the Muslim people, who have been abandoned in poverty and neglect, would be part of her governance. We are confident that Leni will lead us through moral governance. Itigil na ang corruption!

We dare not watch from the sidelines of history while the Marcoses attempt to once more rule this country that has already suffered enough due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the despotic rule of the Duterte administration. We refuse to be hoodwinked by the preposterous lies peddled as facts on social media about Martial Law in the Philippines. We join our voices with those who are crying out, “No, never again!” Now is a “kairos moment” in our history with a new movement marching and clamoring for a government that serves those who have less and governs with justice and not caprice. Whatever the results of the May elections, we declare that we opt to be on the right side of history by choosing to support Leni and Kiko!

As we issue this statement, we remain mindful of the fact that we need to respect the opinions of those who may not share this declaration.

26 March 2022, Antipolo City

In behalf of the Missionaries of Jesus (MJ)

(Sgd) Fr. Euginius L. Canete, MJ
General Coordinator

(Sgd) Fr. Manuel U. Gacad, MJ
General Secretary

(Sgd) Fr. Aris D. Villanueva, MJ
MJ PH-North District Coordinator

(Sgd) Fr. Primo M. Fagel, Jr., MJ
MJ PH-South District Coordinator

(Sgd) Fr. Michael Ariel M. Montoya, MJ
MJ Americas District Coordinator

(MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. Fr. Joey Gánio Evangelista, MJ, heads the Malita Tagakaulo Mission of the Diocese of Digos. The mission is based in Malita, Davao Occidental)

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