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[Delivered at Swissotel Hotel, Lima, Peru | 19 November 2016]

Your Excellency, Mr. President, your colleagues and friends, we first of all cordially welcome you. It’s my pleasure to meet you.

Mr. President, in the presidential election in your country was held on the 9th of May for us it is indeed a very bright day, public holiday that marks the victory in the great patriotic war over the Nazis group.

For you, it has been your personal victory so once again congratulations, Mr. President.

Mr. President, this year marks 40th anniversary since diplomatic ties between our countries established back in time.

Historically, it’s quite a short period of time.

Well, you have been able to do a lot in a short period of time in terms of developing the all round  partnership between our countries and with respect to promoting greater trust and confidence between us.

And it is my pleasure to have a chance to speak to you and your colleagues about developing our bilaterals.

I have been looking for this moment to meet you Mr. President not only because you represent a great country but of your leadership too.

And we’ve been longing to be part also of — despite the distance. We’ve been longing to be part of Europe especially in commerce and trade around the world.

But there was one thing that really stood before us and that was the result of Cold War.
And historically, I have been identified with the Western world.

It was good until it lasted. And of late, I see a lot of these Western nations bullying small nations. And not only that they are into so much hypocrisy.

And they want to… They seem to start a war but are afraid to go to war. That is what’s wrong with America and the other.

They were waging war in so many places in Vietnam, in Afghanistan and in Iraq. And for one single reason that there was a weapon of mass destruction and there was none.

They insist if you are allied with them that they follow you. They go to the Korean war, nothing happened. They got defeated.

They also got soldiers, Filipino soldiers in both Iraq and Vietnam and nothing happened, they lost. Then they went to an expedition in Iraq on an excuse of weapons of mass destruction and there was none.

And they forced my country to contribute military forces. And when one soldier, one Filipino worker in the Middle East was captured by the groups there, they threatened to behead the Filipino unless we go out of war — in the war against the Middle East at that time.

And because it was of national interest, and because their country was really over thinking of how to solve the problem. And the condition was that if we withdraw our forces, then they would spare the life of the Filipino worker. And we decided to withdraw.

From that time on, the Americans made it hard for us and even in the (inaudible) times with IMF. So there are the things that I see which is not a good idea. 





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