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COMMENTARY: The Bangsamoro has nothing to gain from GM’s cha-cha and shift to Federalism

It is true that under a federal system, if one state is reserved for the Moro population, it would benefit the Moro people. But this is not the real intention of Charter change. Gloria Arroyo's only purpose in changing the Constitution is to preserve herself, not for the welfare of the Minority Moro. Already, the government is pressuring senators for the approval of the anti-terrorism bill, which, if enacted into law, will subject many Muslims to the danger of being labelled “terrorists.”

The Moro people and Mindanawons should not be blind to the many fault of this administration. Under a ceasefire agreement, the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) attacked the Buliok Complex during an Islamic holiday, targetting the headquarters of the late MILF Chairman Hashim Salamat.

In Sulu, President Arroyo's military provoked the MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) when It arrested and harassed MNLF members despite the 1996 peace agreement.

The alleged Army massacre of the family of Hustadz Padiwan, in Patikul, Sulu led to an armed retaliation by the MNLF loyal to detained Prof. Nur Misuari. 

Charter Change under a regime violating ceasefire and peace agreements would not solve the problems of Mindanao.

The Moro people would never find peace under Gloria, with her government still pursuing national oppression of its minorities because it is essential in its existence.

Supposing a federal state will be established under the Arroyo government, it could not possibly solve the sufferings of the Moro people in the longstanding GRP-Moro war.

Under a Philippine society where the elite would rule every branch of government we could expect that only the families of the datus and traditional politicians will be in charge of this Federal state.

Malacanang will ensure that whoever will be the leader of this federal state for the Bangsamoro is subservient to GMA. That is why the federal setup is so attractive to the Moro elite and datus loyal to Pres. Arroyo because it would give them more power and wealth. 

Peace for the people of Mindanao has no chance with the military using the war for their military promotions as SouthCom Chief eventually becoming AFP Chief of Staff. Cha-cha only serves the elite not the ordinary Moro people.  

Anyway, Moros don't dance to Cha-cha, they have their "singkil" and "pangalay", so we could expect them to continue their protest against domination and deception.   (MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. Cosain Naga, Jr. is the National Secretary General of Suara BangsaMoro Partylist)                   

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