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SOMEONE ELSE’S WINDOWS: Israelis: from victims to oppressors

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MALAYBALAY CITY (MindaNews / 29 October) – In response to the attacks carried out by Hamas on Oct. 7, Israel has relentlessly carried out a military offensive in Gaza Strip beginning with indiscriminate air strikes that have victimized thousands of Palestinian civilians, including children. The world is not impressed, it is outraged, scandalized, and is demanding an immediate stop to the slaughter of innocents.

The bombings have damaged much of the infrastructure in Gaza, including hospitals, schools, and places of worship that are supposed to be sanctuaries in times of conflict and war. Palestinians are now facing hunger, disease, lack of clean water, and the imminent possibility of several hundreds more going to die in the days ahead. Imagine the level of carnage that could happen once the  Israel Defense Forces unleashes the full might of its ground forces.

Israel doesn’t seem to care how brutal its counter-attacks have been since Day One. All it thinks about is sending across the message that it’s determined to crush Hamas at all cost – even to the extent of losing the goodwill of the international community by what is now seen as a campaign of genocide against the rightful inhabitants of Gaza.

During World War 2, the ancestors of today’s Israelis became the victims of Hitler’s dream to purify the “superior Aryan race.” At least six million Jews were killed through various means but mostly by cremation inside gas chambers and being shot en masse after digging their own graves. In the years following the war, Mossad agents would comb the world to capture the Nazi officials responsible for those unspeakable crimes and bring them to justice.

Unfortunately, times – and roles – have changed. The once persecuted, homeless Jews are now committing crimes against humanity, victimizing people whose lands they covet. In truth, they have been doing it since the last century, except that it has now become more methodical and insane.

The world must speak up against these horrible crimes.

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