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BIR closes down shopping center in Davao City

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/10 February) — The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has temporarily padlocked the Wisons Shopping Center along Magallanes Street on Tuesday for violating the tax code.

Imelda D. Cebuano, revenue district officer of BIR-West Davao, told MindaNews that the closure was based on the order from BIR Deputy Commissioner Nelson M. Aspe which came on Monday.

She said the closure would be lifted once the establishment complies with the requirements set by the agency.||| |||buy prograf online with |||

She said the tax mapping operation last year showed that the shopping center had not declared their sales and failed to issue receipts prompting the BIR main office to order the closure.||| |||buy wellbutrin online with |||

Sec. 115 of the National Internal Revenue Code provides that the agency can “suspend the business operations and temporarily close the business establishment of any person” for failure to file value-added tax return and issue receipts or for understating the taxable sales.

Cebuano, however, declined to disclose the amount of the undeclared taxable sales as it is “confidential.”

She said four of the cash registers of the shopping center were also not registered with the agency and that one was in Chinese characters, which is prohibited by law.
She said even the receipts were not registered with the agency.

Wison’s Shopping Center was the first establishment in the city to be padlocked this year by the BIR. Last year, the agency closed four bakeshops in Dumanlas Buhangin, corner NHA Buhangin, Cabaguio Avenue and Mintal Proper.

The closure was part of BIR’s “Oplan Kandado” campaign against businesses that violate tax laws.||| |||buy nolvadex online with |||


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