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Bayan challenges Noynoy’s clear-cut actions vs. poverty, injustices

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When it was thought to be a SONA of truths and a start of great changes for the nation, less was heard than a “tell-all” of old stories.

It was not uplifting to hear again enumerations of corruption by the past administration for what could inspire people to do more and not just dream again is to see Gloria Arroyo suffer in jail. And on behalf of Gloria Arroyo’s victims of corruption and various human rights violations, we believe  prosecuting Arroyo would indeed be a better start –off, a move which will make Pres Noynoy Aquino more of a president than of a mere man of words.

It is wise to be realistic than to go with the flow.  There is no way the people can dream again with the priorities uttered by Noynoy in his speech. Noynoy has revealed himself as a believer and follower of US imperialist dictates, as a US-puppet in the making.

Take away the expose and “tagalog” speaking president, the essence of Noynoy’s SONA are retentions of US-dictated economic policies — privatization, deregulation, and liberalization embody the framework of his policy making.

There were no mention of scrapping anti-people and anti -poor policies that were enacted during the previous administrations such as the E-VAT, Oil Deregulation Law, and the Visiting Forces Agreement and Mutual Defense Treaty.

With his support for the intensification of built-operate-transfer scheme, privatization of more Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCC) and its heavy toll on the Filipino poor majority is clear to worsen.

Noynoy’s presidency is not far from ending-up like the conventional ones — the type that is bound to exist and end with its term of office.  For the 15th time that the country had a change in presidency, the people have not seen any President brave enough to breakaway from the controls and dominance of US imperialism.

There has not been a time that genuine land reform — the total distribution of lands among the farmers and creation of a planned agriculture which products are for local sustainability  rather  than for exports — was given a priority as a government policy.

Filipino workers continue to work at the mercy of greedy capitalists. While salaries and wages are nailed at its lowest rate amidst the skyrocketing cost of living, the workers remain unsecured as our own labor policies favor contractual employments.

Our indigenous peoples are up to now waging the struggle for their right to ancestral domain as their lands have been the targets for mining, plantation expansions and profit-driven dam and energy construction.

Noynoy could have said much about truths that is at the heart of every Filipino’s dream for genuine political change but he chose not to for having hailed from a landlord family owning more than half of Tarlac, other haciendas and private monopolies in the business industry and him, being a landlord himself, his own family is at stake.

There are bigger problems than corruption that cause inequities among the people. For more than hundred years now that our people and resources are exploited for foreign-vested interests, such is worse than corruption.  It is hard to believe that Noynoy can address insurgency when he chooses to ignore the root cause of poverty and inequities in the country.  For every Filipino who is perennially deprived of his rights to dignified job, food, shelter, education, and other basic social services, insurgency will continue to be a resort for his defense and assertions.

There is more to fear when we see Noynoy acting blind about the political killings which greeted his first 26 days in power.  As the AFP’s commander-in-chief, he is not innocent about the operations of the institution he leads.  It is his duty to stop the military’s brute and anti-people operations under Oplan Bantay Laya unless he wants to suffer for himself the same anger the people have for the former president.

Noynoy’s 6-year term is crucial at this point when everybody longs for genuine change. He’d better rethink his administration’s economic and political policies than his disappointing first SONA.   The people’s demands and not just dreams are clear in reminding Noynoy of his mandate to uphold human rights and lead firmly as the country’s president.  We don’t need him to act merely as a US puppet.

For Reference: John Birondo, Spokesperson, Bayan-SMR, Contact #: 09396568925

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