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ALONG THE WAY: As I prepare for my final journey to eternity to meet face to face the One I love

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(This was the last message that Fr. Amado “Picx” Picardal posted on his social media page at 7:37 a.m. on 29 May 2024, about five hours before he collapsed and died in Busay, Cebu City.)

CEBU CITY (MindaNews / 29 May)—Today is the 47th anniversary of my religious profession of the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience as a Redemptorist. This took place four years before my presbyterial ordination (April 24, 1981). Three more years to go before my golden jubilee of profession.

I thank the Lord for the grace and strength to remain faithful to the solemn promise I made through the years. I am celebrating this in silence and solitude with my dog. Here’s a poem I wrote for Bruno which took several days to make (I don’t think AI is capable of generating accurately my sentiments):

29bruno web
Fr. Picx and Bruno, posted on his Facebook page hours before his death.

A Hermit’s Companion

Every morning upon waking up
I call out your name from my window
and you’d come running & wait outside my door wagging your tail
expecting a pat on the head & a fistful of kibble.

As I sit in the dark gazing at the distant sea below while
waiting for the sun to emerge
you’d sit at my feet & join me at Lauds – praising the Creator
for another new day.

While building the hermitage
made of stone, cordwood & bottles
I call your name and you’d come
to inspect the work of my hands
& scratch the pile of sand & bottles.

In the evening as I sit alone
gazing at the stars & waning moon
you’d come & sit at my feet
to join me in thanking the Creator
for the day that is over and
praying to see another dawn.

I hope, companion in my solitude, that you’ll always be with me
till the end of our days.
Whoever will go first, I know
one of us won’t be consoled
while gazing at the grave.

Bruno, I’m grateful for your presence in the twilight of my life
as I prepare for my final journey to eternity
to meet face to face the One I love
to whom I sacrificed my whole life.
I hope dogs are also welcome in the heavenly home.

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