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TAUSUG IN DOHA: Simple kindness by 2 Muslim-Tausug cops from Sulu

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DOHA, Qatar (MindaNews / 12 June) — A great story is always worth telling, because it can inspire others to do the same.

On Monday, 08 June 2021, one post on Facebook caught my attention. It is a story of the kind-gesture done to a 60-year-old man by one junior member of the Philippine National Police, who happens to be my younger brother, Pat. Mohammad Alsarif Mawallil Quijano — a Muslim-Tausug cop currently assigned in Oriental Mindoro. He also belongs to the Tulawie Clan of Sulu.

My heart was elated  by reading the post because he is my younger brother and he makes me s proud of him. He has displayed the true sense of being one of the best examples of a true Muslim who is always kindhearted and humble to anyone not just to someone or a special few.

My brother is a licensed Respiratory Therapist, but out of his ultimate dream to follow the footsteps of my father, who is a retired cop,  he opted to be a cop.

“An ounce of kindness is worth more than a pound of gold,” Facebook account Tsrstu Mimaropa PNP said in a post.

Pat. Mohammad Alsarif Mawallil Quijano

The post further narrated: “At about 4:30PM, Pat Quijano and Pat Dela Cruz (Member of PSFTP Class 2020-04 Calapan Site) conducted roving in the said Area of Responsibility and suddenly noticed an old man with his bike. Pat Quijano and Dela Cruz assisted the old man. While assisting, Pat Quijano ask the old man if he (had) already eaten and suddenly the old man replied with the tears in his eyes saying “di pa po ako kumakain mula kanina po, nasiraan pa po ako pupunta sana ako sa kapatid ko na nasa NACOCO para humingi ng tulong para ma ayos ang bike ko.” Pat Quijano didn’t hesitate to help the old man and bought him 1kg of rice, 5 can goods for his meal and gave him a ride free ride to his destination.”

Pat. Nidzmar Julkarnain Dambong

Nowadays, because of social media, netizens can easily vehemently condemn all the terrible things perpetrated by some individuals, especially so if people in government service such as cops are involved. Well, that is what is supposedly to be done.

Unfortunately, oftentimes, “some” people are only experts when denouncing negativity but don’t know how to commend positivity!

It is unacceptable that because the sinner belongs to a certain group, “some” people hastily generalize and prejudge the whole entity, group or community by just a mistake committed by a single person. It does not make any sense especially if the latter is not even involved in sin.

Moreover, one netizen used his Facebook account to commend another Muslim-Tausug junior member of Philippine National Police, Pat. Nidzmar Julkarnain Dambong who is presently assigned in Cavite City, for the goodness that has been done to him.

“Nag bike ako papuntang Cavite City nang parahin ako nang isang pulis trainee sa checkpoint at tanungin kung saan daw ako pupunta. Sinabe ko na pupuntahan ko ang kuya ko para humingi nang pera pambili nang gamot dahil nadisgrasya ako nung naka raang linggo. Nagulat ako na may inabot saken si Sir na konting tulong para pang dagdag nang pambili ko nang gamot. Meron pa palang mga pulis na kagaya mo. Sana dumami pa ang katulad mo. Maraming salamat, Sir,” Brix Sebastian of Cavite City narrated on his Facebook account on 5 May 2021.

Pat. Quijano and Pat. Dambong are two of the best examples that there are still good cops that exist.

It is noteworthy to mention that in times of need, there are still a few rare kindhearted people especially from the Muslim-PNP members like them who are willing, sincere and ready to help alleviate someone’s agonies even if he didn’t ask help from them.

May Allāh reward them with goodness in this world and in the hereafter.

Certainly, kindness is more than any precious gem anyone can have in this world.

(Mindanawon Abroad is MindaNews’ effort to link up with Mindanawons overseas who would like to share their experiences in their adopted countries. Gamson Jr Mawallil Quijano of Sulu is a registered Radiologic Technologist who works in Doha, Qatar. He was on his way to Sulu supposedly for vacation with his family when the  COVID-19 lockdown was imposed in mid-March 2020 in Zamboanga City. He is back in Doha)

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