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ANGAY-ANGAY LANG: Personal Reflections on Kalinaw Mindanaw (Part 4 of 5)

mindaviews rodilSession with Experts
Part of the GPH-MILF Peace Negotiation
On the occasion of Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC), Chair was Mrs. Mô Bleeker of Swiss Government
Marco Polo, Davao City
24-25 November 2014

Creating a new History

ILIGAN CITY (MindaNews / 16 October)Now, we are creating a new generation. We can sing the song in different tunes and languages but containing the same dream, Kalinaw Mindanaw:

we are molding a new nation

we are making a new history

Mindanao is a palayok (kolon, clay pot)

of the tri-peoples the Lumad Muslim Christian

balanced on three posts

standing as equal in dignity

we draw our life from the same palayok

This is our home

Kalinaw Mindanaw

Normalization is a two-fold process, both are essential and integral to the human community.

One is political, official, diplomatic responding to the four strands of ancestral domain, namely: identity, territory, resources and governance. This is the task of the two GPH-MILF panels.

Still unaddressed is the psychological aspect of the problem, the emotional dimension of the problem, accumulated mutual rejection, mutual distrust, ignorance about each other, anger, indignation, including trauma.

Addressing this today is, to me, an integral part of normalization.

That is what husay is in our traditional way of resolving conflicts, always addressing the emotional dimension. This is why at the end of the process there is plenty of tears and hugging from affected clans, and living happily together.

That is restoring peace and harmony in the community. This is connecting the panel-to-panel process and the people-to-people husay. A convergence.

Teachers’ training is both, correcting historical errors, and integration elements of harmony and peace at the community level.

There are sufficient materials with which to carry out as input in teachers’ training so that they become transformed into functioning bridges towards their students and among the students, from grade school to colleges or universities thereby contributing to the creation of a new generation.

More researches can be done as part of academic life. They can also reach out to the parents through their children and directly through the PTA (Parents Teachers Association) in meetings with parents. Eventually, the new spirit and consciousness will reach the local leaders.

Our world is clearly not confined to the four elements of legitimate grievances, historical injustice, human rights, and marginalization on the ground.

Some problems can wait, but cases of trauma cannot; the emotional dimension of the problem cannot wait; teachers who must teach as part of their daily task cannot wait.

[Si Prof. Rudy Buhay Rodil ay aktibong historyan ng Mindanao, tagapasulong ng kalinaw (Bisaya sa kapayapaan). Kilala siyang espesyalista sa paghusay ng mga gusot sa Mindanao-Sulu. Naging Komisyoner noon ng Regional Consultative Commision sa siyang nagbuo ng draft organic law ng Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao noong 1988. Dalawang beses siyang naging miyembro ng GRP Peace Negotiating Panel. 1993-1996, pakikipag-usap sa Moro National Liberation (MNLF), at noong 2004-2008 sa pakikipag-negosasyon sa Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Naging visiting propesor sa Hiroshima University, Oktubre-Disyembre 2011. Nagretiro noong Oktubre 2007.]

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