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OUR MARAWI: What if one day we will have nothing in our hands but new sets of broken promises?

MARAWI CITY (MindaNews / 05 Nov) — The ground breaking has given me and many a 50-50 reaction, where a half of me felt happiness and a very powering hope, thinking that this could really be something, this could really be the start, there is really a hope for the people of Marawi.

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But a part me was doubtful, considering the trust issues every IDP (internally displaced person0 has developed towards the government because of the unanswered questions we had and have that are often left unanswered.

No matter how much we want to be idealistic about the implications of the Groundbreaking, because of the almost two years of sufferings, all we can stand for now is to be realistic. The compensation bill is still not marked as an urgent bill, the rehabilitation budget is not part of the GAA 2019 so we are still full of questions and doubts because of all the possibilities that could happen.

You know the wind will never just blow in a single direction.

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We are still afraid that what if one day we will be left disappointed and have nothing in our hands but new sets of broken promises and expectations?

Eighteen year old Faykha Khayriyyah Alonto Ala, a freshman at the Mindanao State University in Marawi City. Ala is newly-elected chair of Barangay South Madaya Proper, Marawi City, displaced from their residence in ‘Ground Zero,’ since May 2017. Courtesy of the FB page of Ms Ala.

I was really disappointed that the President was not able to grace the event. We know that he is the father of millions of Filipino but the Meranaw people needed to see his sincerity and compassion towards his people, the Meranaw.

The hope that was felt by the people during the event could have been doubled if he was there because as the father of our nation, he can stand as our symbol of hope.

We cannot deny that many of the people of Marawi are questioning his love towards them. The commitment of the government would have been strengthened if he was there.

I strongly believe that regardless of what kind of rehabilitation they will be doing in the MAA and in Marawi, the only time you can call it a success is when the people are part of it.

Basically, studies have proven that a before any infrastructural changes and improvements, we should heal the people first.

So far we have to heal the trust the people have lost towards their relationship with the government. Show them, us that we are really part of this process. Let us access our homes. Those aren’t just debris.

Like them we pray for a successful rehab but we want to be part of it. Stop making us feel as if we are just Bakwits, stop making us feel as if we are the only people responsible for what happened to our lands and homes. Stop making us feel as if we are WALKING BUSINESSES.

We are someone more. We are the owners, we are the natives in this land, we are the victims here. Healing would be a lot easier if we can really feel a solid sincerity, care, love. Not this diluted and unclear commitment. (MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews.

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Khayriyyah Faykha Alonto Ala, 18, is in first year college at the Mindanao State University in Marawi City. Ala was recently elected as chair of Barangay South Madaya Proper in Marawi City’s Ground Zero, the main battle area of government forces and the Maute Group and its allies. She is among thousands of residents displaced by the five-month siege last year who has repeatedly asked that they be allowed to return home)

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