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OUR MARAWI: The Meranaws will rise again

MARAWI CITY (MindaNews / 26 August) — Marawi City after it was deliberately devastated by the show of force and power between the so-called ISIS and the Philippin military is beyond repair.

It is now more than a year and not a single stone was removed to start the promised debris clearing of Ground Zero.

The Marawi we used to live all our lives before the siege will never be brought to life again.

The destruction of Marawi is equal to the destruction of the Meranaw identity. However, what remained to us which the enemy will never triumph to take from us is our FAITH.

Islam taught us resilience- a religious value that shields every Muslim Meranaw against tyranny and oppression.||| |||buy tretiva online with |||

In sha Allah, in Allah’s plan and time the Meranaws will rise again.

The Meranaws in their own initiatives have started picking and joining together their broken lives and dreams, showing to the world, that wherever the call to adhan is alive, Islam will live.||| |||buy prednisone online with |||

The voices of the muazins in Marawi may still be faint but eventually it will become loud and strong again.

It is the turning back to Allah and asking for His forgiveness that will make Marawi regain back its glory and grandeur.

(MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews.||| |||buy zithromax online with |||

OUR Marawi is open to anyone who wants to share his/her thoughts on what is happening in Marawi. Retired Prof. Dalomabi Lao Bula is a retired Literature professor at the Mindanao State University and a resident displaced from Marawi’s Ground Zero or Most Affected Area, the former main battle area between government forces and the Islamic State-inspired Maute Group and its allies. Prof. Bula posted this on her FB page on Eid’l Adha, August 21. MindaNews was granted permission to reprint this)

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