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OUR MARAWI: There was nothing left of our home but for charred and bullet-riddled walls

MARAWI CITY (MindaNews / 01 May) — Bismillah!

I made a promise not to swear and rant and stamp and do all the human idiotic motions to release the anger and the pain…

Yesterday, we were able to get into our old home in Madaya Lilod… Iwas literally (?) clutching at my heart to keep it from bursting at the seams… berating it to stop thinking of its self… because so many others… all the others out there with us were undergoing the same unstoppable crushing heartbreak at the same time.

What remains of her elder sister’s house where the author lived before she got married. Photo courtesy of ADEL DITUCALAN

There was nothing left of our home but for charred and bullet-riddled walls. It is all shambles, rubbles so fine, I cannot imagine what war machine should wreck such fine shattering of glass, cement and iron.

There is nothing left.
Not one souvenir of happier days.
Not one nail; Not a wooden plank
Only the shards of shattered glass and tiles.
The charred roofless walls that some maniac
Refused to miss without making bullet polka dot design and big bombs’ gaping holes…

Oh God, save my heart… our hearts…

Save us …

“…And raise for us, from thee
One who will protect;
And raise for us, from thee
One who will help!”


[MindaViews is the opinion sectin of MindaNews. Adel Ditucalan, President of the Ranao Watch for Empowerment Network and a pioneer organizer of the United Mothers of Marawi, Inc. (UMMI). Permission granted to MindaNews to share this piece she posted on her FB page on 01 May 2018, a day after visiting their home in Madaya Lilod during the Kambisita sa Marawi]

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