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LATE BLOOMS:  The Lord of Jokes

There was once
this amazing Lord of Jokes
adored and revered by
a spellbound horde of folks.

And also there
was this coterie of clowns
and cunning conjurers
following him wherever,

ever ready to expound
every joke of their lord –
the better for the hoi polloi
to grasp and gasp at its profundity.

Each and every joke he delivers
is lapped up by his avid adorers,
who snarl and hiss and spit at those
who dare frown at their idol’s pregnant jokes.

So the horde like a herd
merrily rushes onward
following the amazing Lord of Jokes,
mesmerized by his swagger and witticisms.

Happily, merrily the adorers trudge on,
with a spring on their steps they march on
to the Lord of Jokes’ mesmerizing tune!
Why am I reminded by this scene
of the Tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin?

Eric S.B. Libre
13 March 2018

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