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PEACETALK: Prayer for Peace Cardinal

(Prayer for Peace delivered by Cardinal Orlando B. Quevedo, OMI, Archbishop of Cotabato, at the Bangsamoro Assembly on 27 November 2017 at the old provincial capitol in Simuay, Sultan Kudarat Maguindanao) 

Almighty and Most Compassionate God,
You are all Love. You are our Peace.
You are the giver of peace.
We praise and bless you.

Bless, most merciful God,
this massive Bangsamoro gathering
that seeks a just and lasting peace
in Southern Philippines.

We remember their long, centuries-old struggle
for self-determination. We are one with them
in their 17-year striving for a negotiated peace.
Now, O Lord, we are finally on the threshold of that peace.

The Bangsamoro Transition Commission
has drafted a proposed inclusive Bangsamoro Basic Law.
We pray, O Lord, that our legislators
will quickly approve this proposed BBL
as a priority measure above all other measures.

It effectively addresses the historic injustices
suffered for centuries by the Bangsamoro.
It  will prevent restless, idealistic but disillusioned young people
from taking the path of violent and destructive extremism and terrorism.
It is the path to a just and lasting peace with the Bangsamoro.

Bless our President, dear Lord, and his co-workers in government.
Bless the political leaders as well as
the revolutionary leaders of the Bangsamoro.
Bless our people of different religions and cultures,
so that we may develop Mindanao in peace and justice.
Bless us all, most Compassionate God, that we may live together
in harmony and in faithful obedience to your Will.
You are our Almighty God forever and ever.



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